Bringing wholesale ordering into the future

T&G is a well-established brand in fresh produce wholesaling, but its ordering processes had become outdated. These processes involved multiple modes of communication between buyers and suppliers to make orders, which reduced efficiency and was unnecessarily complicated, especially as strong competitors started to emerge.

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Retaining personal relationships

We worked alongside T&G for months, learning about how their business worked, and what was important to them. We discovered that at the core of the business was relationships. The T&G sales team have a close relationship with each customer; they know each person by name, and they have a history together. This personal connection is essential to their business, and it creates customer loyalty.

Translate Digital designed a platform that would retain these relationships, while also ensuring that there would be a single, streamlined process for buyers and the sales team. Buyers and the sales team can still message each other directly, and the platform was also built with the understanding that buyers want to check produce in person and change their orders at the last minute, depending on produce quality and price.

Fresh design for an established brand

As T&G is one of New Zealand’s oldest brands, it was important to retain their legacy in the new platform’s design. The look and feel of the app was developed in collaboration between T&G and Translate Digital, retaining the traditional logo and colours, but modernising the brand to create a fresh new take for the app.

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Establishing the future of wholesale ordering

This development has transformed T&G into the most modern fresh produce company in the market. Their platform is unprecedented in the field, and has put them significantly ahead of competitors. As well as consolidating communication to increase the efficiency of the ordering process, Translate Digital retained the personalised experience for T&G’s customers, and built specialised tools to suit the quirks of the fresh produce market.

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