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Growing the freshest media outlet in NZ

The Spinoff is the fastest-growing new player in New Zealand’s media scene, pulling together a group of talented non-fiction writers and covering areas as diverse as parenting, gaming, society, science and comedy. To establish themselves as a premium media outlet, The Spinoff wanted to increase their viewership, and gain insight around what stories were the most popular, how many stories were being read, and how long people were spending on their website.

One of The Spinoff’s goals was to increase the number of stories that each person would read. Although The Spinoff has a strong social media presence, they were finding that readers would often only read one story through Facebook or Twitter, and then return to their newsfeed. They realised that the best way to encourage readers to stick around and look through more of their stories was to have their own, accessible mobile platform.

As well as encouraging readers to scroll through more stories on their phones, The Spinoff app sends its users alerts whenever there is an exciting breaking story. This retains users’ interest during the day, and ensures that new Spinoff stories are reaching a consistently large audience.

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“Translate Digital worked like dogs to get The Spinoff's app launched in February of this year. It came out clean and slick – yet behind that were dozens of layers of complexity, required to make a popular media platform function in an entirely new environment. The result is something we're very proud of – not just a bright, well-thought through app, but the best experience of The Spinoff found anywhere.”

–Duncan Greive

Design that speaks to fun and quality

Simon Chesterman designed the platform to look clean and playful, so that readers know immediately that this is an outlet which is both fun, youthful, and serious about delivering high-quality and relevant stories.

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Making it easy for the team

Translate Digital developed the app around their existing content platform, so that The Spinoff team could load new stories onto the app in the same way that they were adding stories to the website. This ensured that the app didn’t add extra work for The Spinoff team.

Insight into their readers’ behaviour and the performance of individual stories was another important feature that The Spinoff wanted in order to grow and develop in an informed direction. Translate Digital developed analytics for both The Spinoff’s website and the app, so that they can move forward with confidence as the business grows.