Check before you swim

Family trips to the beach are one of the best-loved parts of summer in Auckland. Unfortunately, beaches and fresh water swimming spots around the Auckland region are not as safe or clean as they once were, and the problem of water pollution is of increasing concern to New Zealand’s scientists and environmentalists. While the problems with our beaches are clear in certain circles, the data and research that quantifies the problems is highly complex and difficult to communicate to the wider community.

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“Translate Digital helped me do something many people told me was impossible. Aucklanders now have easy access to forecasts of water quality and real-time safety alerts at 84 beaches around the region.

The team at Translate patiently guided me through concepts and helped me make decisions in a field I knew little about. They sat with my clients to build their understanding, built system architecture, designed and constructed front-end and digital-sign solutions, generated promotional content and patiently made code-changes right to the end. What really impressed me was how easy it was to work with them. We were doing something hard and stressful at times, but team was relentlessly positive and always delivered. That really made a difference.

I’m incredibly happy with what we achieved. I really don’t think Safeswim would have been possible without Translate Digital on the team.”

–Andrew Schollum

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Water quality at a glance

Safeswim is the first platform in the world to combine information on water quality and water safety, and to clarify the strong connection that exists between having healthy people and healthy water.

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Healthy people and healthy water

By providing transparency on water quality and up-to-date information on health and safety risks, Safeswim will help Aucklanders to keep safe and healthy when they swim, and encourage people to protect our natural environment.

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Water quality and hazard information in one place

Safeswim also provides people with up-to-date information on health and safety hazards at 84 beaches and 8 fresh water sites, such as shark risks, ocean rip tides and water contamination, as well as useful information on each beach’s facilities and tide times. Surf Lifesavers can enter information on swimming risks into the platform as they see them, and signs at each beach enable them to provide the public with a current safety rating.

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