The Spinoff

The Spinoff is a New Zealand digital media platform with a growing and dedicated audience, and content spanning from politics and science to food, gaming and music.

Translate Digital began working with The Spinoff in 2015 to develop The Spinoff mobile app, which now has over 25,000 downloads and has boosted audience engagement. Since then Translate Digital has worked on multiple projects to increase viewership and gain audience insights.

Most recently, Translate Digital built a donation-based membership programme and a merchandise store on the website. This provides The Spinoff with a new, reliable revenue stream independent of commercial sponsors. The next project will be creating an even better, data-driven reading experience for their audience.

Project Details

The Spinoff

  • Rae-Dawn Martin - Account Manager
  • Chris Mitchell - Developer
  • James Built - Developer
  • Gustavo Bezerra - Developer
  • Kyle Hickey - UX Design
  • Website Development
  • App Development
  • Payment / SAAS platform
  • E-Commerce / Shopify API integration
  • UX Design
  • Over 25,000 app downloads
  • Insights driving boosted viewership

Project brief

  • Increase The Spinoff’s audience size and engagement
  • Enable Spinoff readers to become donating members through the website, generating a new, stable revenue stream
  • Build a merchandise store on the existing website


  • The Spinoff mobile app built, encouraging readership by keeping consumers on one platform and sending breaking story alerts • App development
  • Dashboard built to deliver insights about story popularity and number and length of website visits • Web development
  • Membership and donation system built into the website • SAAS / Payment gateway
  • Merchandise store built into the website • E-Commerce
  • Ongoing support to ensure that The Spinoff website can handle increasing monthly visits • Support


  • Developed the app around The Spinoff’s existing content platform
  • Wordpress to Native App integration
  • Stripe integration for memberships and donations
  • Shopify integration for merchandise


  • The Spinoff app has over 25,000 downloads and since its launch
  • Data insights have allowed The Spinoff to focus on topics that get the most interest and readership, growing their audience
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