Spend My Super

Spend My Super makes giving easy to some of New Zealand’s most impactful children’s charities.

With over 6,000 children’s charities operating in New Zealand today, deciding who to support can be challenging.

Spend My Super’s e-commerce platform makes giving easy to one, some or all 12 charity partners in a single transaction. And, as a private donor (Founder, Liz Greive) covers all operating costs, 100% of donations go to support New Zealand children living in poverty.

Translate Digital was brought on to design the user experience and build the website for Spend My Super. The website needed to be simple to understand and use, with as few barriers as possible to making donations. User testing was conducted to make sure that the website flow is intuitive and accessible.

Project Details

Spend My Super

  • Rae-Dawn Martin - Account Manager
  • Gustavo Bezzera - Lead Developer
  • Kyle Hickey - UX Designer
  • Payments / SAAS
  • Web Development
  • Account Management
  • UX Design
  • Continued growth month-on-month
  • All proceeds go directly to youth-focused charities in New Zealand

Project Brief

  • Encourage superannuants to donate part or all of their superannuation to charities that help young New Zealanders through a digital platform
  • Enable donation payments to be split between up to twelve charities
  • Make the user experience of donating easy, transparent and flexible, even for donors with limited technical ability


  • An intuitive webapp where superannuants can easily find information, make and manange donations • Web development / UX
  • Set up system authoristion levels to manage access privelleges for Charities, Donors and System Administration • System Security / Authorisation
  • Integration with Stripe for secure one-off and recurring dontation payments • E-Commerce / SAAS
  • Admin panel built so System Administration can view donations, manage accounts and analyse BI reporting • Dashboard / BI reporting


  • Continued month-on-month growth
  • All proceeds go directly to youth-focused charities in New Zealand
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