Parkable is a sharing economy platform and app that allows homeowners, businesses, and organisations to share their unused parking space with the community. Using the app, drivers can find, reserve, and pay for parking, creating a better commute for parkers and an extra source of revenue for those sharing their space.

The same Parkable app is also the foundation for a SaaS product which allows enterprises to manage their staff, visitor, and tenant parking. This management product has the same core belief as the marketplace product - that our communities, whether that be a city or a workplace, are better off when we share resources and use space efficiently.

Since Parkable's launch in 2015, Translate Digital has built Parkable’s websites, created and updated its brand and collateral, and given ongoing design support. In 2020 Translate Digital completed a redesign of the Parkable brand and app, bringing new features onto the platform and creating a better user experience for all Parkable customers.

Project Details


  • Brody Nelson - Product Owner
  • Kyle Hickey - Design Direction
  • Rae-Dawn Martin - Producer / Account Management
  • Chris Mitchell - Lead Developer
  • User Experience Design
  • User Testing
  • New brand rolled out across multiple platforms
  • Gate access control integrated into app
  • EV charging integrated into app
  • Brand assets and templates created

Project brief

  • Redesign the Parkable brand to reflect the business’s personality and maturity
  • Apply the new brand to the app, admin panel, website, emails, signage and printed collateral
  • Redesign the Parkable app to improve the user experience
  • Integrate new features (EV charging and remote access control) into the user flow of the app
  • Create a brand bible, component library and range of templates so that Parkable can create brand-aligned collateral
  • Create new automated transactional emails


  • An upgraded Parkable app designed, with design decisions based on user feedback to prioritise parker experience • UX/UI design
  • Visual language designed to consider both casual and corporate users • Brand identity design
  • IoT technology including automated access control and EV charging integrated into the app design • API development & integration
  • Automated transactional emails designed and built • EDMs
  • World-wide rollout of the project prepared for; platform ready to scale globally • Innovation consulting


  • Gate access control integrated
  • Electric vehicle charging integrated
  • Real-time monitoring and management
  • Support service with Zendesk integrated


  • A coherent brand rolled out across all platforms: app, admin panel, website, digital and printed collateral
  • Gate access control and EV charging successfully integrated into the app
  • Parkable has the brand assets and templates needed to continue creating coherent and appealing collateral


As a complex software with two unique products, multiple platforms, presence in international markets, and a diverse range of audiences, creating the new Parkable brand was an interesting challenge. We focused the brand on the principle “clarity over cleverness”, which we applied to design, wording, user experience, and everything in between. While we ensured design differentiation between the marketplace and SaaS products through distinct imagery types, the brand design is kept consistent with a uniform colour palette, font, and design rules.

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