To create a successful product, Translate Digital worked alongside T&G for months, learning about their business and what was important to them. A concern for T&G was that streamlining could weaken customer relationships and loyalty, which were built on personal connections between the sales team and customers.

Translate Digital designed a platform that streamlines orders into a single process while retaining relationships. Buyers and the sales team can still message each other directly, and the platform was built with the understanding that buyers want to check produce in person and change their orders at the last minute.

Project Details


  • Kyle Hickey - UX/Ui Design
  • Brody Nelson - Account Management
  • UX Design
  • Ui Design
  • FirstPick™ is thought to be the world’s first online ordering platform for the wholesale produce sector
  • Adoption by 12 market sites across New Zealand
  • Proof for other technology enhancements in the future

Project brief

  • Streamline complex ordering processes into a single system
  • Retain close relationships between customers and the sales team
  • Ensure that ordering is still flexible and dynamic


  • A digital platform that creates a single, streamlined process for ordering
  • Enable the sales team to directly message customers via the platform
  • Ability for customers to change their orders at the last minute
  • Fresh design and branding


  • Successful delivery of the World's first online ordering platfrom for wholesale produce
  • Adoption of platform in 12 markets across New Zealand
  • Success has formed the basis for further technology enhancements in the future
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