CivilShare is a platform for buying, selling, and renting construction materials and equipment, with the aim of using resources more efficiently and diverting usable building waste from landfill. It also enables builders and companies to make income from materials they can’t use and facilitates networking between people in the construction industry.

Translate Digital built CivilShare’s marketplace website and apps. Similar to Trade Me, people can use the marketplace to create listings, search for specific materials and equipment, communicate, and set up notifications when what they want appears on the platform. There’s also a groups component so companies can invite their employees and use the app as a chat group.

Project Details


  • Brody Nelson - Account Manager
  • Kyle Hickey - Lead Designer
  • Chris Mitchell - Lead Developer
  • James Built - Developer
  • UX/Ui Design
  • App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Messaging
  • Over 11,000 tonnes of construction materials diverted from landfill
  • Around 4000 Users signed up
  • Almost 2000 construction-based trades on platform

Project brief

  • Create a digital marketplace specifically for those in the construction industry
  • Enable construction workers and businesses to sell and rent their equipment and leftover materials
  • Make it easy to find, buy, or rent construction materials and equipment
  • Facilitate communication between those in the construction industry


  • Two native apps and a web app built for the two-sided marketplace of sellers and buyers • App development
  • Account management and administrative panel built • Admin panel
  • Analytics that provide user insights • Analytics
  • Private communication between users enabled • Messaging
  • Transactional EDMs built • EDMs
  • Users can send listings to specific private groups • UX


  • Nearly 4000 New Zealand users have joined the CivilShare marketplace
  • Over 11,000 tonnes of construction materials have been diverted from landfill
  • Almost 2000 successful trades have been made through the platform
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