Safeswim is the first platform in the world to combine information on water quality and water safety. It has demonstrated that real-time data and digital technology have the power to raise public awareness about health and environmental issues and create political change.


Parkable is an award-winning sharing economy app and platform for car parking. It aims to make parking easy and stress-free, while ensuring that local communities make the best use of their space.

The Spinoff

The Spinoff is the fastest-growing new player in New Zealand’s media scene, covering areas as diverse as politics, parenting, gaming, science and comedy. They now have over a million website visits each month and over 25,000 app downloads


Stickybeak is an online survey platform that uses conversational chatbots to engage audiences and deliver insights. They believe in the power of conversation to drive understanding.

Spend My Super

Spend My Super is a citizen-led movement that seeks to change the narrative of child poverty and inspire Superannuants to invest in the future of today’s 1 in 4 children living in poverty.


Campable acts as the Airbnb for motorhome travellers, connecting tourists with locals and creating unique experiences.


T&G is a well-established brand in fresh produce wholesaling. Through FirstPick™, T&G wanted to update their outdated and complex buying processes with a digital platform that streamlined ordering.


CivilShare is a digital marketplace for construction materials and equipment, created to reduce construction waste and build industry connections.

Crate Group

Crate Group is a collection of like-minded businesses who have reinvigorated the industrial area of Queens Yard, East London with the help of local artists. Their mantra is providing affordable luxuries and unforgettable experiences.

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