Thinking about space differently

Car parking, especially in and around cities, is a drain on time, money, and patience. The search for parking contributes to traffic congestion, and multinational corporations are reaping the benefits with exuberant prices. At the same time, homeowners, churches, businesses and organisations are sitting on underutilised space, often in high-demand locations.

The founders of Parkable thought about space differently. They realised that space can be a shared resource amongst the community, and that if we use space efficiently, parking does not need to be so expensive, difficult to find, and stressful. They wanted to allow anyone with underused space to share that space with the community, and make it easy for people to decide when their space would be available, and for what price.

“Translate Digital have been a critical partner in the development of our digital platforms since 2015. Throughout this time TD have continued to exceed our expectations. TD have delivered two significant projects for us and continue to assist with ongoing upgrades and support across these platforms. We enjoy great responsiveness, professionalism, and a proactive working relationship from the TD team and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

–Toby Littin

Making it easy for the community

We developed a platform which allows those with space to list and manage their parking bays in real time. It is the only product which provides this level of flexibility for hosts, taking into account the busy lives and routines of homeowners, businesses and organisations. For users, the Parkable app eliminates the frustrating elements of parking. Users can find a park, reserve it, and pay, all from the same platform.

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Continuing to work together and develop

Translate Digital worked closely with Parkable to develop their product, and is continuing to develop new features as Parkable discovers opportunities within the parking market. With a dynamic and simple platform, Parkable has the foundation for a globally competitive business, and an idea that could transform the way that people view space, parking, and community resources.

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