Embracing the social media revolution

In marketing circles, it is well known that social media will be the leading channel for all businesses by 2020. However, many businesses, both enterprise and startup, have lagged behind in their social media literacy.

Moloney Moloney was built on the idea that with social media, the world has changed - and that to remain relevant and successful, businesses need to follow. Not only does Moloney Moloney produce engaging and high-quality social media content, but they also help their clients to understand and embrace the social media revolution.

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The word-of-mouth experts

The team at Moloney Moloney believe that the most powerful way to create new customers is through positive word-of-mouth, so we wanted to integrate that ‘word-of-mouth’ concept into the core of their brand. We developed a logo that depicts an open mouth, inside of which is a speaker, to show the power and sharing capability that word-of-mouth communication has.

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“From our first meeting, the Translate Digital team were inherently easy to trust. They respected how important this journey was going to be for us and consistently met us with infectious enthusiasm and outstanding creativity that blew us away. They intuitively understood who we were and what made us special and were able to articulate that through design.

Nothing ever felt rushed, and yet the speed of delivery was remarkable. As was their focus on collaboration, their team were more than generous with their time and established an incredibly inclusive working relationship from the get-go. It was this authentic inclusive collaboration that truly stood out, something we hadn’t experienced before from traditional branding processes elsewhere. Their behaviour left our entire team feeling engaged, connected to, and proud of Moloney Moloney’s new brand, design and identity.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and continue to be blown away by Translate Digital’s work. We were also lucky enough to gain great friends from the experience”

–Lizzie Havercroft

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Modern branding for a modern business

Translate Digital also transformed Moloney Moloney’s brand into something modern and intrinsically linked to social media and the digital space. The circular logo is reminiscent of profile images, and the website depicts social media reactions. The website that Translate Digital built is also vibrant and modern: it is extremely simple, with colourful and vibrant digital graphics and a focus on client testimonials.

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The importance of colour flexibility

As a business that works with a range of client types, from established enterprises like SKYCITY Entertainment Group and The Warehouse Group, to innovative startups like Parkable, it was also important to have flexibility in the brand. Translate Digital developed a wide range of compatible colour palettes for Moloney Moloney to use in their logo and presentations, so they can control the tone of their brand depending on what is most suitable for the client. These include fun, vibrant colours, and more muted, darker tones.