Transforming tourism into exploration

Conventional travel options for motorhome tourists are limited, with campsites and freedom camping being pressured by demand, and travellers often unable to find the experience that they dreamed of. There is no escape in these campsites from feeling like ‘a tourist’, and little chance of experiencing the authentic lifestyle of locals, which many travellers are looking for.

With the popularity of Airbnb, the Campable founders were also seeing an openness toward locals sharing their space and lifestyle with others. Many people want to meet travellers, and businesses can boost their revenue and attract more visitors by sharing their space.

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Expanding the possibilities of travel

Campable aspired to create authentic travel experiences for motorhome tourists, where travellers could meet locals, stay on a range of unique properties, and feel secure. They wanted to make it incredibly easy for locals to host motorhome travellers, and to allow them to shape their offering with flexibility around what suited them, and what sort of experience they could provide.

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“Translate Digital does incredible work - they've built two sharing economy apps for us that are the beginning of something exciting!”

–Warwick Beauchamp

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Understanding what people want

Creating a platform to bring together travellers with locals required understanding what people want when they travel, and what locals need to feel secure and looked after when hosting. Campable wanted travellers to have a diverse range of options, and for locals to have the opportunity to host even if they did not have space available every day, or have all the facilities of a traditional campsite. Dynamic and flexible options for travellers and locals rang out as a core component of Campable, which has shaped every aspect of the platform.

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Creating authentic experiences

We worked closely with the Campable team to discover what the product needed to do, and we continue to work together in refining the platform, as we learn more about what Campable travellers and hosts want. The ability for travellers to stay with locals on their own land, and for motorhome tourists to access gorgeous pockets of land and luxurious resorts is the vision that Campable had. They wanted to expand what is possible when people travel. They wanted visitors to have authentic travel experiences. And they wanted it to be as simple as possible.

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