A week of reconnecting people with art

Art can feel disconnected from our daily lives. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable and formal in an art gallery, instead of thinking of art as a form of connection to others, ideas, creativity. Artweek is an annual event throughout Auckland which puts art at centre stage, organising over 150 events and exhibitions over a week and encouraging people to get involved and see art differently.

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Showing Auckland that art is fun, social, and vibrant

Translate Digital worked with Artweek to develop a website which demonstrated the fun, vibrancy, and liveliness of art. We developed a brand based on bright colours and imagery, and showed the social aspect of Artweek by using photography involving people as well as art. The design enlivens the event, breaking away from the idea that art needs to be sophisticated and serious, viewed in silent contemplation. Instead, our branding emphasises that art can be fun, social, and relaxed.

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An intuitive system

As Artweek encompasses so many individual events, in such a range of locations around Auckland, it was also essential for us to make it easy and logical for people to find the events they wanted to attend. We used the same palette of vibrant colours to distinguish between different areas of Auckland, and designed a platform where you can easily filter events based on event type, region, and date.

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Putting art at centre stage

We worked with Artweek to create a casual and energetic brand, communicating that art is inclusive and open to everyone. At the same time, we made sure that people could find exactly what they wanted to see, as easily as possible. Showing people that art is vibrant and social, while also creating a totally intuitive system for finding events, made it possible for Art Week to put art at the forefront of Auckland’s social scene.

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